March 30 Newsletter

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Dear community,

We are so excited to unveil our new website and our shortened name. The Refugee Children Center (also known as the San Fernando Refugee Children Center, Inc.) has grown with the intention to support our beloved community of refugee minors and families while strengthening collaborations with other amazing organizations. Our core beliefs remain the same. 

Our Mission:Refugee Children Center in North Hills, CA is a healing embrace to the hundreds of children who have made the perilous journey from Central America to seek refuge in the United States. Our overarching goal is to reach out to these children and their families and offer our center as a place of welcome and healing through partnerships with community organizations to provide for basic needs, services and resources.


Our Vision:To be a place that provides refugee children in the United States support through a holistic approach while empowering them through education and an understanding of collaboration.

We embrace this growth and we feel an overwhelming sense of solidarity throughout our staff, volunteers and donors.  In the spirit of teamwork, we ask you to be part of our first virtual wak/race fundraiser: walking is our way of honoring the courage and strength that each of our minors must go through when they decide to take that first step and face this long journey that brings them closer to the U.S. 


We understand that supporting minors and families is a collective effort. There is no way that our center can do this job alone, but if we join forces with other organizations and individuals, we can be impactful and create a dignified welcome for those who are seeking refuge and stability in this country.  Will you join us? 
With a grateful heart,

Mayra Medina-Núñez and the Refugee Children Center Team 

Refugee Children Center – Virtual Walk/Digital Fundraiser
“Dejando Huella 2021”

Date: Friday, April 30- Wednesday, May 7 Children’ Day

Fundraising goal: $15,000 
100% of these funds will go to support our participants with the following:
10  financial grants of $1,500 can be provided for initial retainers for legal representation, or
150 attorney-client sessions can be interpreted from English/Indigenous language at $100 each, or 
200 minors can be provided with $75 for proper court attire to attend court hearing, or 
300 immigration consultations with an experienced attorney can be covered for $50 each, or 
600 rides can be provided to minor+guardians to the court hearing venue for $25 each.

What is this fundraiser for? The COVID-19 pandemic has limited our center’s ability to raise funds, which makes it challenging to ensure our children have the resources they need to thrive. 

Click here to register for the virtual walk/run. If you want to access a digital toolkit to engage your contacts for this fundraiser, please click here.
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