Ways to Support Asylum Seekers and Refugees – September 2021 Newsletter

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Dear reader, 

We are appalled by the inhumane and cruel acts against migrants in the world, specifically the massive deportations of vulnerable children and families back to Haiti. This harsh treatment against already endangered populations fuels our commitment to continue providing a safe and welcoming space to our refugee and asylum seeker children and families. Our children have gone through so many difficulties at such a young age. Every child deserves to have a childhood full of love, peace, basic needs and being safely surrounded by family and loved ones. At the Refugee Children Center, we are prioritizing enrichment activities that support a healing journey for mental health and love for art and fun activities, while continuing to support families with legal resources and basic needs. During the summer, we had an encore of fun “water play” dates, art activities along with piano lessons and legal resources fair

As we start to transition to the fall season, we are excited that our partners at Nueva Vision Community School have added drums and guitar lessons. We are also in the process of opening our study/hangout space for our youth and children in our multi-purpose room. We are looking forward to following safe distance mandates for more in-person field trips and play therapy this fall. As always, we are so grateful to our regular donors, supporters and volunteers for their tangible commitment to this cause. Below you will find additional ways to get involved at the center:  

  • Donate online: Help provide support to asylum-seeking children and make a one-time donation. 
  • Monthly Giving: Being an Advocate for the Refugee Children Center will mean the difference between a child being sent back to a country where their life may be in danger, or a child being able to stay safely in the United States with hope for a bright future. Make a sustainable donation today!
  • Volunteer With Us: If you are interested in getting involved, please email us. 
  • Host your fundraiser: Throw a party or host a fundraiser on Facebook for the Refugee Children Center and ask guests to donate to the Refugee Children Center  instead of providing gifts.
  • Start your own Donation Drive Campaign: If you are looking to organize a donation drive of diapers, baby wipes, food or school supplies, please let us know. You will be provided with a toolkit with helpful advice and resources, as well as answers to any questions you might have. 

Here is an action step to ask the United States government to halt deportations of our Haitians brothers and sisters. 

Call your congress member today! (202) 224-3121
Reach your member by saying their name.
“Hello, I am calling you to urge you to call DHS and ICE to demand that all deportation flights to Haiti STOP. Any plans to continue deportations must be stopped for these reasons:

  • The Administration agreed that Haiti is not a safe place for Haitian Nationals to be, and recently granted Temporary Protected Status to Haiti. It’s not right to deport people to that same country deemed unsafe. 
  • Haiti is unstable, given the aftermath of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, gang violence, and political turmoil.

Once again, thank you for sharing with your family, loved ones, and friends about ways to get involved and support refugees and asylum seekers.
Mayra Medina-Núñez and the Refugee Children Center’s Team.


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