Our Programs

Our services are organized in four departments:

Immigration Legal Services

Assistance in completing immigration questionnaires (legal intake) and in drafting a statement of facts that occurred in the country of origin.

Referral system for legal service providers to carry out pro bono evaluations of asylum cases. (2 consultations max.)

Referral for internal scholarship programs, to be used in partial payment of the initial retainer for legal representation. (Available only to unaccompanied minors)

Asylum and SIJS (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status) overview: What is asylum? What is a refugee? What is the difference between affirmative and defensive asylum? What is SIJS?

Social Services

Links to support services, including mental health resources, MediCal enrollment and housing assistance information.

Continual in-person, over-the-phone support for children through everyday life, including crisis management, school enrollment, over-the-phone interpreters and counseling to find information and resources in their preferred language.

Adult Virtual Support Group: a safe space to promote mental well-being and teach skills for stress reduction.

Pre-Teen and Teen Virtual Support Group: a safe space for children ages 11 to 14, to learn skills to reduce stress in a fun environment. 

Tutoring and Mentoring Program: for children ages 5 to 15.

Food Relief and Basic Needs Department

Assistance in general information and resources for families who experience food insecurity.

Securing donors to sponsor families who are in need of basic supplies (diapers, wipes, hygiene kits)

Enrollment in our weekly Food and Basic Needs Relief Program that assists our participants with food donations, diapers and formula, among other basic needs.

Enrollment in our Family to Family Initiative, a program that provides extra support on a monthly basis.

Personal Development Department

Assistance in creating email accounts and in enrolling in ESL or vocational classes.

Access to participating in COOPERE (Cooperativa de personas Refugiadas), a refugees’ cooperative, an initiative that seeks to inspire and equip refugees and immigrants, in particular women, to become financially independent and self-sufficient. 

Support in submissions for a higher education SFVRCC Scholarship Application.

Guidance in job seeking and finding resources, such as classes and training.